so much stuff has gone on this summer...

I know, I haven't updated in forever. I need to get some of my frustrations out, though.

The kids start school in 12 days, but who's counting? lol

First, I'll start with happy things and child updates.

Brenna has spent most of the summer in the dance studio. She loves it, and she wants to be more involved. I have to find a way to cope with the stage moms, however. I am an introvert with a capital I, and I just can't stand catty moms. I'll just leave it at that. Brenna is doing really well, though, and I almost wish I'd put her in gymnastics. The woman who owns her dance studio was an Olympic gymnast (was supposed to compete in 76 I think but hurt her wrist). Brenna has learned SO much from her and can do all kinds of crazy tricks (she has my flexibility but more nerve than I ever had or will ever - lol). She's looking forward to starting 5th Grade (can you believe it?).

Ada is reading up a storm. I can't imagine what would have happened had I put her in Kindergarten this year, like she was "supposed" to do. She is starting 1st grade, and while it will be a new school for her (she went to a private school that has preschool and K only last year, b/c she was too young for public school), she'll be with Brenna. She's familiar with the school from being dragged there for several years. lol She's very bright, and I think she'd have become a distraction or discipline problem out of boredom if I'd waited to put her in K.

Grant will be starting the 4's class at preschool. He's less than thrilled. He's doing well, except we're pretty sure he broke his collarbone a few days ago. They don't do anything for it except maybe a sling, which he would NOT wear, so we are just trying to watch it and treat him gently (except yesterday I forgot and tried to pick him up and he screamed and cried - bad mommy). At first we thought it was just hurt, not broken, because it's not misshapen, doesn't look out of place, and we didn't think there was bruising. Well, yesterday it was yellow, and obviously bruised, but it had looked normal before then. We have no idea how he broke it. He was in the play room by himself, and the only thing we got out of him is that he fell. We figure he must have fallen and tried to catch himself and hit it wrong.

Anyway, the big news of the summer is that my FIL passed away (11 days ago now), and his second wife is still doing her best to keep my husband and his sister out of everything. It's so really sad, actually. It reads like a manual of how not to conduct your life and relationships. Just a mess of dysfunction. You know, I see his step daughters on Facebook talking about mourning and how much they loved him and miss him. It's enough to make me sick. He totally shut my husband and SIL out, not to mention me, my kids, and SIL's girls. His wife was so insecure that she made sure to cut us out entirely. Ironically her first husband left her, and she talks about how hard it was on her daughters, that he abandoned them. Irony, just sad irony. Right up until the end he was working on his "bucket list", going skydiving, on nature photography trips, etc., but nowhere on the list was spending any time with his family or grandchildren. (We live on the way out of town, he actually drove by our house on the way to one of his nature photo trips, stopped to pick something up, and didn't come in.)It's such a dysfunctional mess that we heard about when his memorial service would be by reading it in the PAPER. His obituary appeared in the paper on Sunday. SIL is ticked that they put her last name as her ex-husband's, though she never took his name, and they spelled one of her girl's names wrong. I am ticked that no one bothered to call us and clue us in about the memorial service, for crying out loud. I can't even attend, because I have plane tickets booked weeks ago, so that I could go to San Diego to my brother's engagement party that day (probably the only happy event this summer - lol). No way am I canceling my plans for a man I hardly knew. In 13 years of being married to his son, I think I can count on 1 hand the number of conversations I had with him. I am sad for my husband, because he is being totally shut out. He would love to have something to remember him by. FIL had hundreds of tools and things he would have liked, but it's all going to go to her daughters and their husband/boyfriend.

You know what? Please appreciate your loved ones and tell them you love them. You never know what's going to happen.

Spoke too soon...

Brenna came home with an envelope today, and she did make it into the gifted program at school. She's very excited, and I'm definitely proud. Her verbal score is what did it, which isn't surprising. She's the one who really wanted to get in, mostly because many of her friends are in it. So, hooray!

She told me she knew that she had made it in. When I asked her how (the envelope wasn't opened), she said it was because she got a thick envelope and the other boy in her class got a thin one.